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The North Central Highland Cattle Association (NCHCA) was formed in 1982 to promote Scottish Highland Cattle, form a marketing unit for breeders, and to provide a local organization closer to home. The organization has done this and provides opportunities for youth and families to have fun with their Highland cattle. Our association provides networking and educational opportunities for its members, has an active junior program for youth, and provides a local voice to the national organization, the American Highland Cattle Association.


Networking opportunities abound in the NCHCA. Our yearly show allows members to show their cattle, and for people not interested in showing to have a place to meet and talk Highlands! Our association's annual meeting also allows breeders to meet and discuss current influences affecting the breed and the breeders. There are tens of thousands of people who see the Highlands at places like the Minnesota State Fair, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, Minnesota Scottish Festival and Highland Games, Nebraska Cattleman's Classic, Nebraska Ranch Expo, and local county fairs. Our association newsletter, "The Hoofbeat," allows members to stay in touch with what is going on with the Highland breed, see what people are offering for sale, find out about upcoming association and industry events, and tips for breeders. The association website allows a broader audience to see what the organization is about and to promote upcoming events.

Educational Opportunities

In conjunction with our annual meeting, there are educational seminars to increase breeder's knowledge in current agricultural and livestock practices.

Junior Activities

Our youth is our future and very important to our association. Youth activities include educational opportunities offered throughout the year, a challenge program that allows youth to be involved from their homes, the youth show in conjunction with the annual Highland show which includes educational opportunities before and after the show, along with lots of fun. Not all youth that are interested in the cattle own animals, so owning an animal is not a requirement for our association show. Any youth that wants to participate can. It is all about having fun, learning responsibility, and wanting to be active with the breed.

Local Connection

NCHCA has a member on the American Highland Cattle Association Board of Directors. This provides a conduit for local input to the national organization.






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