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Creachann Gleann Farm

Cobblestone Farm


About Cobblestone Farm and why Highlands……..


Cobblestone Farm is located on the edge of the preserved Kettle Moraine State Forest. The farm was purchased in 1997 to ensure that it would remain a working farm and to preserve the prominent wetlands and forest that begin at the edges of our farmland. Cobblestone Farm began with a search for a breed that was old world, pure and undisturbed by the centuries of mass production. After researching several different cattle breeds, our search came to an end with the discovery of the Highland cattle. Our first two Highlands we purchased were Marsh Creek Becky and Marsh Creek Jenna, and thus our lessons among Highland cattle began. We have diversified our gene pool and purchased cattle from Washington to New York. Our herd base was built for quality breeding stock that has the ability to produce an excellent carcass. Our base herd that was started in 1999 still remains with us and these cows are still producing excellent calves that excel in the ring and when harvested, some of the most exquisite beef that you can ever have the pleasure of tasting. The Highland Cattle have stood the test of time with our farm and have proven time and time again that they are a self-sufficient, docile, easy to manage breed of cattle, not to mention that there does not come a day when standing amongst them makes one feel like royalty. So come on in and browse our site and see what the Highland breed has to offer for you.

Flatland FarmGray Owl FarmRiverCity HighlandsWe Tired AcresWindemere FarmSchon Boden Farm





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Boulder Meadows Highlands

Larry and Cindy Sassen
20374 223rd Street
Little Falls MN 56345

Creachann Gleann Farm

Ben and Mary Schmidtke
7200 Platte Rd
Platteville, WI. 53818

Flatland Farm

Mark and Jamie Schulz
18709 690th Ave
Elkton, MN 55933

Flatland Farm, LLC is a sustainable family farm that raises Registered Scottish Highland Cattle and heritage breed rabbits in southern Minnesota. We believe our Highlands are excellent convertors of grass to meat. Along with high quality grass or hay, our animals always have access to water and free choice mineral and salt. We sell breeding stock and beef by the quarters, halves, and whole animal. We harvest our animals humanely and our animals are always treated with respect. All of our animals are halter broke and used to being handled. We travel with our animals to shows and other promotional activities, so our animals are up to date on all vaccinations. . We want all our customers to be happy with what they purchase from us and we therefore strive for top notch customer service.

We have 22 acres on 2 farms that we use to graze our animals. We always welcome visitors and questions. Please contact us to schedule a visit to the farm!

Four T Acres

Jean Gruenert
8670 Fishman Road
Burlington, WI 53105

This is a farm that is on my (Jeans grandfathers) farm. It is also a family run farm with our son-in-law David Larson his wife and our daughter Janet, our son Randy and myself Jean and my husband Richard Gruenert. The farm is small by farm standards of about 100 acres, with 9 acres being in Kenosha county and the rest in Racine county. Walworth county used to be almost in the back side of the farm too. Charlie Nash (Nash Car company) bought some of the farm to denote to the Kenosha County Boy Scouts many years ago. It is a real thrill for young campers to see the great shaggy beasts right across the fence when they camp for the night or the weekend. We started Four T farm 8 years ago on the 1st of June and have come a long way since three cows and five calves, our totals combined at this time are 63. We do sell both our cattle as well as our beef with a lot of repeat customers that just love it. Our three grandsons show at the Walworth fair as that is their 4-h show and we also show at the Racine fair, beside the district show near LaCrosse. Our farm also belongs to the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, which opens up a lot of new territory as far as advertising at home shows, markets, and the directory that goes out to all members, it also gets us advertising at hotels and resort areas that were previously out of our reach.

Gray Owl Farms

Don & Sandy Vaughn                     Sean & Becky Vaughn

320-358-4040                                 320-358-312    


Rush City MN 55069

Gray Owl Farms is located 5 miles Northeast of Rush City, in East central Minnesota. Sitting within the St. Croix River valley on mostly wooded-rocky ground; our original family property functioned as a gravel mining operation for nearly 100 years. After several land acquisitions within the last 2 decades, the property is now comprised of 614 acres. Part of the property has served a commercial business since 1995, a cattle operation was made possible with the purchase of an adjacent discontinued farm parcel in 2004.

The farm was named after the Great Gray Owl migration that occurred during the winter of 2004 - 2005 when thousands of the majestic owls moved into Minnesota from Canada in search of food. Many of the owls stayed on our property for the winter feeding on meadow voles and mice in the abandon pastures.

The pastures on the farm are no longer abandoned. Machinery and Scottish Highland Cattle have been revitalizing the property’s original pastures. Since the first delivery of 5 Highland cows in December of 2005, we have grown the herd to over 60 Highland Cattle of various ages and colors. This herd growth was made possible with additional breeding stock purchased in subsequent years from Schön Boden Farms, Wadsworth Farms, Dundonald Farm, Glen Haven Farm, Trafalgar Square Farm, and Drover Hill Farm. The genetics of these exceptional animals have helped us develop a foundation herd of registered Highlands producing quality offspring for the show ring, beef production and breeding stock.

Gray Owl Farms is an all-natural, grass-fed, grass-finished, cow-calf operation specializing in high quality, purebred Scottish Highland Cattle for show, brood stock and beef production. Our cattle excel on “grass” in open pastures during the growing season and on hay in the winter. To ensure we have high quality hay we grow all of our own hay for winter feeding. Whether it’s native forages or cultivars such as planted grasses and legumes, our beef cattle gain and finish naturally without hormones, antibiotics or grain.

We currently have two herd sires with champion backgrounds: GH Mr. Chips and GH Mr. Roberts, who’s sires are Trafalgar Nathan and GH Magnum Force respectively. The heritability of performance traits from these champions are recognized throughout the progeny of our herd. From their calf prospects we produce cattle with great dispositions by halter breaking all calves and managing the herd with a lot of hands-on care in a low stress environment. We always have quality registered Highland Cattle of all ages for sale who love guests. Please call to schedule a visit.

RiverCity Highlands

Tod and Lara Taylor
31338 County Rd 12
Winona MN
We have a registered herd of breeding and show animals and we sell all natural beef.

We Tired Acres


Joan and Ken Rose
22789 Kettle Rd
Wilton, WI 54670-6077

We Tired Acres is a small Scottish Highland breeding farm located in the hills of central Wisconsin. We acquired a herd of 18 older cows in February of 2003 and they started having calves in March of that year and we have been in the business ever since. We are mainly a breeding farm, but also raise a steer or two for our own use. We are sold on the meat. We show a few of our cattle at the Highland shows. We are active in the North Central Highland Cattle Association and Joan manages their show in West Salem, Wisconsin at the La Crosse Interstate Fairground held in September. We always welcome anyone interested in this breed to come a visit us and talk Highlands. We have started several new breeders and we encourage them to attend the shows and see what other people have. If we do not have what people are looking for to start a herd or to add to their present herd, we are more than happy to send them in the direction of another breeder.


Windemere Farm


John & Anne Proctor
3960 County Road HO
Junction City, WI 54443


Windemere Farm is located in central Wisconsin and is home to about 25 head of registered Highland cattle. Our adventure with Highlands actually started in 1984 on Anne’s family’s farm (the original Windemere Farm) in northern Vermont. In 2008, we decided to begin our own fold here in Wisconsin. We have selected quality cattle to build a strong foundation and breed by AI which gives us access bulls that will complement our cows. We are excited about the future of our herd!

We use low stress handling techniques when working with the cattle and know each one by name. Most of our calves are halter broken and almost all of our animals will come to the fence for treats. With elementary school age children who are active in the Junior Program and want to show, temperament is an important trait at Windemere Farm.

Our goal is to raise quality cattle that are competitive in the show ring and produce excellent quality beef. We do have cattle for sale and will help you select those that are the best fit for your farm whether you are adding to your fold or are just getting started. Visitors are welcome – we love to talk about Highlands and introduce people to our girls.

Schön Boden Farms

Roger and Cindy Weideman
2342 10th Avenue
Osceola WI 54020

Our farm is located in the gently rolling hills of the St. Croix river valley in west central Wisconsin, about 40 miles from Minneapolis-St. Paul. We have been raising Highland Cattle on our family run farm for 29 years and currently have about 70 animals. We raise all our own feed including hay and grain and do not use any feed antibiotics or growth hormones. Our cattle enjoy stress free grazing in natural pastures of woodlands and ponds. We sell quality breeding stock along with marketing corn, soy beans, and oats. We are lifelong members of the American Highland Cattle Association and North Central Highland Cattle Association, along with being current members of the Wisconsin Cattlemans/Cattlewomens Association. Our children, Jessica and Ryan are also involved in the farming operation and have participated in the Junior Highland Association or many years. For further information you may contact us at
















Sandhill Pines Farm


Jon and Jennifer Sawle
S9993 Exchange Rd

Prairie du Sac, WI 53578


Sandhill Pines Farm is a 80 acre farm in Prairie du Sac, WI. Named for the cranes and pine trees on the farm. Jon Sawle and his family have been raising registered Highland cattle since 2002. Originally, they bought three heifers from Fountain Prairie Inn and Farm to clean out the oak wilt and scrub brush. Since then they have focused on improving our genetics through artificial insemination, performance monitoring and showing. Currently at 13 cows, they are now looking to increase the highland herd and start crossing Highlands to produce F1 females for northern grass-fed operations and network with other producers.